Kyoung Mi Lee - Confronted Solitude - Park Schöntal 3, 2018
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Kyoung Mi Lee - Confronted Solitude - Park Schöntal 3, 2018 Kyoung Mi Lee - Confronted Solitude - Park Schöntal 3, 2018 Kyoung Mi Lee - Confronted Solitude - Park Schöntal 3, 2018 Kyoung Mi Lee - Confronted Solitude - Park Schöntal 3, 2018
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This is a beautiful, quiet and deeply contemplative piece from a Korean artist based in America, Kyoung Mi Lee (Lee Kyoungmi) The oil painting is on a specially constructed 3D birch wood panel to create a sensory visual effect, almost like looking through the looking glass. The centerpiece of the painting depicts a beautiful little park in Germany, near her home in Germany where Kyoung Mi lived for a spell. Due to work, Kyoung Mi has lived in various countries and whilst she loved her new homes, there is a sense of displacement and not belonging. This perhaps reflects the truth for many of us who travel and live in different places, moving away from home for work, love or simply to seek a new or different life. As such, the Greek torso symbolizes this sense of displacement.

On the left "window panel" is a partial "view" of the ocean, symbolic of an appreciation for Mother Nature ( as with the park), and a means for day dreaming. On the right "window panel", is abstract art - Art, as a powerful expression of Man's imagination, the world of possibilities and empathy to envisage another experience not of one's own.

Taken as a whole, her works and the windows present a viewer with a diverse sensory experience which contains a variety of personal stories reflecting a quiet and thoughtful contemplation of universal themes of home, human history of migration, childhood memories, imagination, peace, love, hope. Her realistic, highly detailed yet delicate style of painting is the result of a long and patient process of attempting to reflect this complexity. Also renowned for her love of cats, the artist has produced a variety of media featuring cats.

Kyoung Mi has had solo exhibitions starting in 2005 and exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions in much of Asia. Her work was selected and sold by Christie's Hong Kong and collected in Asia, Europe and USA. Inquire to see other available, exclusive works.

2006 MFA Hong-ik University, Painting, Seoul, Korea
2004 BFA Hong-ik University, Painting, Seoul, Korea
2000 BFA Hong-ik University, Printmaking, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions (selections)

2018 Farewell My Love - Waning Splendor, Shanghai China
2017 Parallax, Seoul Korea
2015 Utopia as a Distant View, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Artist's House, Seong Buk Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2012 On Being the Right Size, Hong Kong