Abstract art photography - Wild Light
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Abstract art photography - Wild Light Abstract art photography - Wild Light Abstract art photography - Wild Light Abstract art photography - Wild Light
Gillian Lindsay $750.00

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This is part of an award winning series of photography and each image is subject to a limited edition of 25, per image, regardless of size. 

On standard archival pigment paper.


Artist's Statement:

In 1997 I made the transition from executive producer in film to fine art photographer. Since, I have been exploring abstraction, producing work that is more about texture, colour and composition and less about representational subject matter.

In my LIGHT IMITATING ART series, I explore mechanical ways of altering light sources, creating black & white images that appear more like charcoal sketches than photographs. I am drawn to surrealism, images borne out of dreams and the creative sub-conscience. It is in this exciting experimentation with light, that a figure or reference to a slightly definable object may emerge. Often the question: what am I looking at? The answer is simply, light.

The ‘Light Imitating Art’ series is shot in studio, utilizing either a smooth or textured surface - often the texture is subtly visible. My technique is unique in the world of photography.

My series of SURFACES has emerged through discovery of art in found objects. Splashes of graffiti or poster remnants create opportunities for compositions, which exist for only a brief moment in time before being painted over or scraped away. I have explored ancient walls in Europe and local industrial sites in search of weathered stone or wood, rusted metal and distressed paint, while finding a fascination in documenting man-made materials’ never-ending attempt to return to nature. I employ closely cropped images to remove any contextual reference, with the objective of creating a painterly, abstract image.



Black & White Spider Photography Awards: This is a prestigious international competition drawing 9000 photographs from over 75 countries. Judging panel includes curators from Tate Gallery, London and galleries / photography magazine editors from New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Brussels, Brazil, Barcelona, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Singapore.

‘Light Imitating Art’ series:

2015 Abstract - Professional: 4 nominations: Venus, Relationship, Light Breeze, A Photo Finish 2014 Abstract - Professional: 4 nominations: Venus, Relationship, Light Breeze, A Photo Finish

La Grande Photo Awards: 2016 Abstract - Professional: High Distinction Award: Light Imitating Art - Venus



Setai Fifth Avenue, 5 star hotel, New York City

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, Canada

Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler, Canada

Royal Caribbean International, Miami, USA

Dept. of Financial Affairs, Government of Dubai, UAE

Securities Lending, UBS Securities Asia, Hong Kong

Finning International, Vancouver, Canada

Mayor, City of Vancouver, Canada

Mayor, City of North Vancouver, Canada

Autonomy Capital, London, England

Keg Restaurants International, Vancouver, Canada

Georgia Pacific Developments, Nanaimo, Canada

Albany Dental, Queensland, Australia

Dean of Medicine Faculty - Research, University of BC, Canada



iCArt-Miami ‘Harmony of the Seas’ Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, 54 pieces 2016

‘Love It or List It’ $3 million home Vancouver, HGTV, Fluff Design, 8 pieces 2015

Modern Homes Tour Vancouver, 7 pieces 2015

Dwell Magazine: Dwell on Design Prefab homes design event, LA 2015