Yoga, No. 9, Bronze, 2009
Surrealism. Orchid
Empire of light II
Clarity - 2013
"J.M.W.Turner, The Rialto Bridge from the North 1840" 2010
Portrait of a Horse 002
Tibet "Dawn"
"A New Day", Fujian Province, China
March of the Elephants
Bullfighting - el Matador 02
Boy Monk in Red Robe, Bhutan
“Tranquility”, Xia Dong Jiang, Hunan Province, China

photo la banner

Modern Art Etc had a successful run at Los Angeles' 23rd annual photography exhibition, and presented Germany based Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Masuyama, Todd Davis, Jeff Gaydash, Anyes Galleani, Sara Abbott and Alejandro Cerutti amongst our various artists.

Find a video on photo LA here:

Founded in Los Angeles, Modern Art Etc. is dedicated to representing emerging and established artists in photography, mixed media, sculpture, painting.

We represent many international artists, many of whom have won prestigious international awards. Some of these award winning photography are brought to you exclusively by us.

We will be hosting art salons / events in Los - intimate social gatherings around art.

We invite you to discover and enjoy the infinite beauty, spirit and timeless appeal of their art.


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