Yoga, No. 9, Bronze, 2009
In Fa Minor
Port 1
The Peacock Tree
Eve - 2
Vanitas - 1
SONNET 54 - 3
Love and Bones - 2
Protecting My Heart
Atlantic Ocean - Polz
The Lament Dies and is Reborn in the Heart of the Beloved - 3
Portrait of Young Obert
Atlantic Woodlands 3
Black Elk
Bullfighting - el Matador 02
"J.M.W.Turner, The Rialto Bridge from the North 1840" 2010
Empire of light II
Pale Fire II
"A New Day", Fujian Province, China
Clarity - 2013
“Tranquility”, Xia Dong Jiang, Hunan Province, China


Founded and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, Modern Art EtcSM  is dedicated to representing international emerging and established artists in diverse media such as photography, mixed media, sculpture, painting through fairs and collaborative exhibitions. We present a selected range of the works of international and US based artists, many of whom have won prestigious international awards.   

We value the ability of art to engage us emotionally and intellectually. We love art that derives its power from laying bare a spectrum of interpretation, that is intuitive, and ultimately, is beautiful.


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