Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series
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Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series Contemporary Floral Still life - Flower Series

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Modern Art Etc Los Angeles presents the Flower Series of this talented artist's work.

We also present, exclusively, worldwide, the Gold Series, where selected pieces are hand gilded with 22 K gold leaves. Prices of collection increase as each in the edition is sold. Edition of 5 per image for gold series; Edn of 25 for the others.

About this series: With great patience and respect, the photographer observes the life cycle of the flower, viewing the subject much like a portrait photographer views a person, choosing the particular instance which in his view represents the essence of the flower. We feel the piece evokes a certain poetic, quiet, Zen beauty.

3 different sizes in 3 different editions:

16 x 21" edn of 25

22 x 30" edn of 15

30 x 40" edn of 10

The artist was born in the UK in 1971, and after leaving Central Saint Martin’s in London in 1992, determined to explore a deeper sense of meaning, and contemplate life, he journeyed to Japan where he lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery and lived and studied in a temple in the mountains of Yamanashi for months, during which he studied Zen Buddhism and joined the monks in their daily prayers and routines.

Over time, the subject matter for this series is borne out of a respect of the inner life of living things, Nature, in this instance and a sense of “mono no aware” (the art of impermanence). His artist vision has drawn influences from his Western artistic culture, Japanese classical aesthetics, and the 1933 classical text, “In Praise of Shadows” by Japanese literary titan, Junichiro Tanizaki (1886–1965). Tanizaki, as translated by scholars, examines the singular standards of Japanese aesthetics and their stark contrast with the value systems of the industrialized West. He writes: “We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates… Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.” “Shadows” presumably refers to the subtle interplay between light and darkness, not a stark dualism between black and white.

Hence, the quiet beauty expressed in shadows of light and darkness as a living flower moves through the passage of life. The art of impermanence refers to a “pathos” (aware) of “things” (mono), deriving from their transience. The flower is a perfect metaphor for the expression of impermanence and beauty. Each flower has its own distinctive character and temperament, and is in constant dynamic motion. Through the passage of its life, it blossoms to its greatest peak, turning always towards the light until they eventually give up their petals. The artist documents this process through hundreds of images over time, essentially capturing the essence of the life of the subject. Both the visual aesthetic and process of his art calls to mind the transcient nature of things and reminds us to rejoice what we do have. In his gold series - Gold, in turn associated with the sacred, the divine, with supernatural powers and even immortality, has been recognized since ancient times in all the great civilizations as a noble material. Gold leaves have been used to decorate shrines, temples, statues, armor, jewelry since ancient times. At different times of the day, the light reflects off the gold differently as the day progresses, providing a visual context in which the celebration of life was captured. The artist has been recognized for his work for example, with a merit award at the Art Directors Club 87th Annual Awards N.Y. (2008).

His work has been in group exhibitions as a runner up at the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of the Taylor Wessing London – Elle Commendation Portrait Awards, and at the Kiyosato Photo Art Museum in 1999. A successful photographer, the artist’s commercial clients include Adidas, Estee Lauder, Hugo Boss and shot celebrities for magazines / editorials featuring Sam Smith, Jeremy Renner, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Fincher, Zhang Ziyi amongst other faces. His work has been collected by: Cohn and Wolfe collection London, Kiyosato museum of photography, Hyatt Hotels and numerous private collectors worldwide.

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