Chinese ink painting - Chinese contemporary ink landscape painting
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Chinese ink painting - Chinese contemporary ink landscape painting Chinese ink painting - Chinese contemporary ink landscape painting Chinese ink painting - Chinese contemporary ink landscape painting Chinese ink painting - Chinese contemporary ink landscape painting

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Paintings are by Chinese artists who are respected in China, or in the world of Chinese art, some of whom are masters in their own right, and well known in China.

This is a Chinese ink and wash landscape painting by Mr Liu Shumin (b. 1942 - 2017), who is a well known and respected artist in Guangdong, China, and recognized by esteemed institutions in China (National Academy of Painting, Central Literature and History Museum, Painting and Calligraphy Institute) as "the representative of the South Guangdong Chinese Painting". Writers from these public institutions have recognized his work as "a new style of contemporary ink and wash on the basis of the North and South, the integration of Chinese and Western, and the integration of ancient and modern Chinese and Western art, reflecting a skillful and atmospheric style".

His work is recognized to have a personal style that is unique, "There is a perfect unity with reality, movement and static,.. it is good at turning thousands of mountains into a group of inks. In the brush, you can see the magnificent, broad, and profound dialogue with the universe and the aura of poetry".

He was a professor at the Chinese Painting Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Chinese Artists Association.

In 1978, his work "Mao Mao's Poetry" was selected for the National Art Exhibition and he was invited to create a huge painting for the Henan Hall of the Great Hall of People in Beijing. In the 1990's, he was invited to exhibitions in the US and Hong Kong. His works are in the collection of the National Art Museum of China and other public institutions in China.

About this painting:

This is a "feng shui" painting, that showcases a series of red and bright mountains, symbolizing towering strength and vitality, with a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by lush pine forest. The mountains, water, sky signify strength, fluidity, peace and harmony. The tiny boats sails towards a safe harbor.

Only in recent years, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, with a contemporary Chinese ink exhibition "Fresh Ink", has highlighted a selected handful of Chinese contemporary ink artists and how they have adapted and re-imagined the Chinese ink technique. This has followed with exhibitions by Christie's and Sotheby's in exhibitions of Chinese contemporary ink. Chinese and Asian collectors know their masters in ink technique and have always, collected their own, very well regarded, Chinese ink artists.